September 19, 2006

Blogs To Riches?

Article by Rupert Macia. Rupert Macia is a Blog-and-Ping expert. He started blogging even before the phrase “Blog and Ping” being coined. He set up a website at to share his experience of DO’s and DONT’s of blogging. Visit the site today to find out if you have been blogging correctly.

Looking to jump on the blog-bandwagon? It may look like easy money, but in reality it isn't. There are many pitfalls if you don't know what your doing. Getting popular on the blogosphere is no easy trick. You have to be up for the challenge, and you need to know some things before you make money blogging.

First of all, do not use someone else's platform to blog. The best idea is to get your own domain. Without your own, you don't actually own your blog. You are stuck with their platform, even if it turns out that you don't like it. If you risk a move to a whole new site, you will have to start all over from scratch and you will most likely lose your following. To make money blogging, you need a steady crowd, otherwise it's pointless.

You should plan your blogging. Don't just jump into it. Invest in quality blogging software. Make friends with other bloggers. This is not only great for your promotion, but you can exchange links while promoting each other's sites. Research the market and find out what's hot and what's not. Don't just copy someone elses style, create your own that has a clear aim toward a narrow niche. Find that specialized unique subject that the other bloggers haven't thought of yet.

Editor's Note:
Rob Benwell's Baby Blogging Bonanza takes you by the hand and gives you high quality software so that you can make money blogging amazingly easy. It's worked great for him - within the first two weeks he blogged, he had already pulled in over $1,000. Not a bad chunk of change for a few minutes of work per day!

Your own opinion will sell. Don't be afraid to sound controversial, it's alright. That is what will draw the audience. Which brings me to another point: set up your blog so that others can add comments. Making an interactive blog is what people like. Make sure your linked pages have an easy way to get back to your home page for easy navigation, and so they won't get lost and forget what your site looks like.

The tedious part is keeping fresh blogs regularly. To make money blogging, you will have to post at least five times a week. It's your own database that needs constant refreshing. You have to be willing to put in the time to keep things circulating.

Make your posts attractive. You can dress them up with pictures and images that will draw their attention and make it more interesting than just some words on a page. Try to come up with some that will stir an emotional response. Try to really touch your audience.

After reading all this you might be disenchanted. If you aren't and really want to dive into the adventure, remember that the blog market has grown exponentially, but there is no telling how long it will last. It's a waste of time to try to get rich by blogging. If that is your goal, then you are probably at a loss. Blogging is a new fad and everyone is doing it. If you want to make money blogging it is extremely time consuming to keep them fresh and to post all the time. You have to make sure that the people that started coming to read your blogs keep coming and you have to keep a steady stream of new comers, plus you need ads to keep your income rolling. All things considered, if you have the time and money to put into it, along with creativity and lots of opinions, go for it. Don't forget that every big wave comes crashing down eventually.

Editor's Note:
Although I respect his opinion, this article isn't true for the most part. It is entirely possible to make money blogging. It is a bit of fad - I'll be the first to admit - but you can look around and see thousands of people who make a ton of money with their blogs. Once again, I point to the example of Rob Benwell - he's made $1,860.11 in a single day from blogging. Follow his tips and tricks at his website and you can too, without a doubt.


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As Da Vinci Said: "There are three classes of people: Those who see, Those who see when they are shown, and Those who do not see."

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