September 15, 2006

7 Unique Methods To Make Money Blogging Without Resorting To Google AdSense

If you look around the internet, the marketing "gurus" claim that Google AdSense is a godsend - it's the absolute supreme way to make money blogging. Guess what? It's a load of bull, and meant to throw you off to significantly better ways to make money with your blog. After all, you probably won't even be able to generate enough profit through AdSense to earn your first paycheck. Google requires you earn $100 before they send you a check.

To help you to break from the AdSense craze, here is a list of 7 ways you can profit from your blog without resorting to AdSense...

1.) Sign up at for free as an affiliate marketer. Find a product to promote on your blog that would interest your audience. No matter the size of your readership, this is a great way to go.

2.) Sell Text Links. Publish text links at your website and you'll generate residual income based on how popular your blog is. The higher your Google Page Rank, the more you'll make!

3.) Offer your services. Everyone is good at something - figure out how you can offer it into a service. Heck, you're obviously good at blogging - become a blog consultant!

4.) Another great way to make money blogging is to sell your own advertising rather than using AdSense. You'll make a lot more money this way, and your advertisers will be happier too.

5.) If you can manage to think of something odd or unique to sell on eBay, link to it from your blog. This will drive the bids up like crazy, especially if you say that they'll be supporting the blog.

6.) Compile all of your old blog postings from the last year and put them into a report. Add editor's notes to some of your postings to add fresh content and "reflect" on past events and you'll see your bank account skyrocket.

7.) Do everything you can to build up the readership of your blog and then either sell it or allow someone to sponsor it. This will bring in a huge lump sum of cash, and if you're still managing the blog, you'll easily be able to still slip in affiliate links for products every now and then!

I know some of you are thinking "why not make money blogging with both AdSense and the methods above?" Simple answer: you'll be distracting your users from clicking on other aspects of your website that could bring you significantly more revenue, such as an affiliate product, an auction, an advertisement, and so on. If you truly don't believe that it's possible to make massive amounts of money everyday from blogs , you're in for a big surprise - Rob Benwell has made $1,860.11 in one day by blogging, and AdSense is definitely not his primary source of income. I highly urge you to check out his Baby Blogging Bonanza if you're serious about getting started with a blogging business - everyday you don't have his package, you're effectively losing money. Check it out!


At 12:31 PM, Blogger m said...

I always had a little bad feeling about AdSense, turns out it makes sense now how its just a time waster.


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