September 19, 2006

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Blogs To Riches?

Article by Rupert Macia. Rupert Macia is a Blog-and-Ping expert. He started blogging even before the phrase “Blog and Ping” being coined. He set up a website at to share his experience of DO’s and DONT’s of blogging. Visit the site today to find out if you have been blogging correctly.

Looking to jump on the blog-bandwagon? It may look like easy money, but in reality it isn't. There are many pitfalls if you don't know what your doing. Getting popular on the blogosphere is no easy trick. You have to be up for the challenge, and you need to know some things before you make money blogging.

First of all, do not use someone else's platform to blog. The best idea is to get your own domain. Without your own, you don't actually own your blog. You are stuck with their platform, even if it turns out that you don't like it. If you risk a move to a whole new site, you will have to start all over from scratch and you will most likely lose your following. To make money blogging, you need a steady crowd, otherwise it's pointless.

You should plan your blogging. Don't just jump into it. Invest in quality blogging software. Make friends with other bloggers. This is not only great for your promotion, but you can exchange links while promoting each other's sites. Research the market and find out what's hot and what's not. Don't just copy someone elses style, create your own that has a clear aim toward a narrow niche. Find that specialized unique subject that the other bloggers haven't thought of yet.

Editor's Note:
Rob Benwell's Baby Blogging Bonanza takes you by the hand and gives you high quality software so that you can make money blogging amazingly easy. It's worked great for him - within the first two weeks he blogged, he had already pulled in over $1,000. Not a bad chunk of change for a few minutes of work per day!

Your own opinion will sell. Don't be afraid to sound controversial, it's alright. That is what will draw the audience. Which brings me to another point: set up your blog so that others can add comments. Making an interactive blog is what people like. Make sure your linked pages have an easy way to get back to your home page for easy navigation, and so they won't get lost and forget what your site looks like.

The tedious part is keeping fresh blogs regularly. To make money blogging, you will have to post at least five times a week. It's your own database that needs constant refreshing. You have to be willing to put in the time to keep things circulating.

Make your posts attractive. You can dress them up with pictures and images that will draw their attention and make it more interesting than just some words on a page. Try to come up with some that will stir an emotional response. Try to really touch your audience.

After reading all this you might be disenchanted. If you aren't and really want to dive into the adventure, remember that the blog market has grown exponentially, but there is no telling how long it will last. It's a waste of time to try to get rich by blogging. If that is your goal, then you are probably at a loss. Blogging is a new fad and everyone is doing it. If you want to make money blogging it is extremely time consuming to keep them fresh and to post all the time. You have to make sure that the people that started coming to read your blogs keep coming and you have to keep a steady stream of new comers, plus you need ads to keep your income rolling. All things considered, if you have the time and money to put into it, along with creativity and lots of opinions, go for it. Don't forget that every big wave comes crashing down eventually.

Editor's Note:
Although I respect his opinion, this article isn't true for the most part. It is entirely possible to make money blogging. It is a bit of fad - I'll be the first to admit - but you can look around and see thousands of people who make a ton of money with their blogs. Once again, I point to the example of Rob Benwell - he's made $1,860.11 in a single day from blogging. Follow his tips and tricks at his website and you can too, without a doubt.

September 18, 2006

Freelance Blogging: Get Hired To Blog And Earn Thousands A Month

Article by Angela Booth. Angela Booth is a veteran copywriter and blogger. Her ebook, Blogging For Dollars: How to become a career blogger -- in your PJs, if you want, is available at You can visit the book's blog at Angela will show you how to turn a humble blog into a great career, or a lucrative business.

Freelance blogging gives you a great way to make money blogging. You can even turn blogging into a full-time career, or a new business. Getting started as a freelance blogger is simple. All you need to do is create a blog, make a few blog posts (these are your work samples), and then look for blogging gigs.

Create a blog: If you don't already have a blog, creating a blog is your first step. You can do this very quickly. Creating a new blog at (which is owned by Google) only takes a minute or two. This is your "sample" blog. Think of this blog as your blogging portfolio.

Your blogging topic can be in any subject area that you choose, but give some thought to your potential clients - don't make your blogging topic too personal. If you have expertise in a particular area like finance, technology or health, make this the subject area of your blog. Talking about a popular or controversial topic will probably earn you some brownie points so you can make money blogging.

Write some blog posts: Now your blog has been created, it's time to make some blog posts. Your entries are published in reverse chronological order, with the most recent entry first. Your first entry can be a brief statement (no more than 100 words) about the general topic of your blog.

For example, if your blog is about dieting, you could summarize the areas (recipes, weight lost tips, health tips) you intend to cover. Or your first post could be an introduction: tell your readers who you are, and why the topic of the blog concerns you. Or you can skip the idea of an introductory post altogether, and just jump into your topic.

Look for blogging gigs: Great - you've created two or more blog entries. Now it's time to look for your first blog-job. Your first step is to write a blog post about your availability to blog. You can make this entry detailed, or extremely brief. If you wish, you can add a link to your online resume or CV.

Where do you find jobs that make money blogging? You'll find that several sites have already been set up to match bloggers with companies that want to hire them. Enter "blog jobs" into a search engine to find your initial leads.

You'll also find companies looking for bloggers at out-sourcing venues like However, be aware that on these sites, you're competing against others for gigs - don't be tempted to underbid others. Under-bidding is a bad idea because it's terrible marketing. Once you set your price low, it's hard to lift it. Have an awareness of what blogging is worth, and set your price appropriately. Companies which want bloggers don't want the cheapest option - they want the best they can afford.

So there you have it: everything you need to know to get started as a freelance blogger today. Create a blog, make some entries, get a gig. Good luck with your blogging career. If you're a born blogger, you can turn your freelance blogging into a full-time career and make money blogging.

Editor's Note:
This is a perspective of blogging I've never thought of before. However, I'm going to stick to blogging for myself - it seems to work really well for bloggers such as Rob Benwell, who makes $1,860.11 in a single day...see how he does it!

September 17, 2006

The Secret 4-Step Guide To Make Money Blogging - Free!

It's really this simple to make money blogging:

1.) Set up a free blog at Find a topic you love, and write about it. Football? Lifting? Yoga? It doesn't matter.

2.) Go to and click "marketplace" in the upper right hand corner. Search for your blogging topic and find a related product that would suit your blogs audience.

3.) Sign up for your free affiliate account at Clickbank and post your affiliate products to your blog, talking about how great the product is.

4.) Post an article with a link to your blog to free article directories to generate traffic.

That's it - if you post daily for 60 days and write one article to post every week, I guarantee you that you'll make money blogging everyday for barely 15 minutes of work.

Of course, if you want to make real money quicker, then perhaps you should check out Rob Benwell's Baby Blogging Bonanza. He made over $1,000 within two weeks of creating his blogs, and you can easily replicate his results. Check it out and make money blogging!

September 16, 2006

Resell Rights: Are They the Fastest Way to Make Money Blogging?

Article by Lisa Ann Ginger. If you want to learn more about resell rights and where to get the best buys, please check out our reviews at Resell Rights online; find ebooks with resell rights and resell right information.


What’s the fastest way to make money blogging? Even if you don’t have a product or service to sell? Well, it’s likely getting your hands on some resell rights.

Securing resell rights to a popular product means that you can sell it to your clients and keep all the profits. In order to work this deal out, you just need to find a product that currently has resell rights and purchase the rights. Some popular ebooks come with resell rights (along with any regular purchase). Others offer resell rights for an extra fee.

Editor's Note:
If you're too lazy to make your own products, getting resell rights to a popular product is a great way to go. It requires a little investment, but the time and aggravation to save is immense. To make money blogging, you have to work smarter, not necessarily harder. After all, Rob Benwell made $1,860.11 in one day, and he only worked only an hour or two that day. You can't beat that!

The best resell rights products are those that can be resold for a high price and are in demand. Most of the best resell rights products are plug-in and profit ready. That means they come with a sales page and graphics. All you need to do is upload the images and files and drive traffic to the site to gain your clients. These quality resell rights packages are highly converting sales machines and will only stand to make you money if you drive the proper clientele to your site.

Editor's Note:
Sometimes you're actually better off if you write up a passionate sales letter to sell the resell rights product, rather than sticking to the one offered with the package. This is simply because your readers know how you write, and if they see that you didn't actually write the sales letter, they'll be put off. Be passionate and excited about the product and you'll make money blogging easily.

There are many high-demand resell rights products available. However, there are many that fall a little short. The resell rights products to watch out for are never highly converting. In fact, the sales pages are in need of a serious overhaul as are the products themselves. These poor resell rights packages can be spotted fairly quickly as the owner usually bundles dozens of them together. I’m not suggesting that it’s impossible to make money from these packages, but it would be worth your money to buy the rights to something a little more valuable.

So look around, read reviews if possible and secure valuable resell rights today. It is one of the fastest ways to make money blogging on the internet. Of course, if you're looking to make some real money, you could always check out Rob Benwell's Baby Blogging Bonanza package - he'll set you on the fast track to success in no time. He made over $1,000 within two weeks from his'll be hard pressed to find anyone who can make money blogging like he does! Follow his advice and start your blogging empire!

September 15, 2006

7 Unique Methods To Make Money Blogging Without Resorting To Google AdSense

If you look around the internet, the marketing "gurus" claim that Google AdSense is a godsend - it's the absolute supreme way to make money blogging. Guess what? It's a load of bull, and meant to throw you off to significantly better ways to make money with your blog. After all, you probably won't even be able to generate enough profit through AdSense to earn your first paycheck. Google requires you earn $100 before they send you a check.

To help you to break from the AdSense craze, here is a list of 7 ways you can profit from your blog without resorting to AdSense...

1.) Sign up at for free as an affiliate marketer. Find a product to promote on your blog that would interest your audience. No matter the size of your readership, this is a great way to go.

2.) Sell Text Links. Publish text links at your website and you'll generate residual income based on how popular your blog is. The higher your Google Page Rank, the more you'll make!

3.) Offer your services. Everyone is good at something - figure out how you can offer it into a service. Heck, you're obviously good at blogging - become a blog consultant!

4.) Another great way to make money blogging is to sell your own advertising rather than using AdSense. You'll make a lot more money this way, and your advertisers will be happier too.

5.) If you can manage to think of something odd or unique to sell on eBay, link to it from your blog. This will drive the bids up like crazy, especially if you say that they'll be supporting the blog.

6.) Compile all of your old blog postings from the last year and put them into a report. Add editor's notes to some of your postings to add fresh content and "reflect" on past events and you'll see your bank account skyrocket.

7.) Do everything you can to build up the readership of your blog and then either sell it or allow someone to sponsor it. This will bring in a huge lump sum of cash, and if you're still managing the blog, you'll easily be able to still slip in affiliate links for products every now and then!

I know some of you are thinking "why not make money blogging with both AdSense and the methods above?" Simple answer: you'll be distracting your users from clicking on other aspects of your website that could bring you significantly more revenue, such as an affiliate product, an auction, an advertisement, and so on. If you truly don't believe that it's possible to make massive amounts of money everyday from blogs , you're in for a big surprise - Rob Benwell has made $1,860.11 in one day by blogging, and AdSense is definitely not his primary source of income. I highly urge you to check out his Baby Blogging Bonanza if you're serious about getting started with a blogging business - everyday you don't have his package, you're effectively losing money. Check it out!

September 14, 2006

How Can I Make Money With Blogs?

Article by Loretta Miller. Loretta Miller has a site where the goal is to help people increase traffic to their website.

To make money blogging is a goal many people hope to be able to obtain. This endeavor is not out of reach for someone with a willingness to work and who has a knowledge of blogging. Very few people, however, ever obtain the profits they want from their blog because they fail to have a plan.

There are two reasons most people who try to make money blogging do not succeed. One reason is that bloggers often think that "if I build it, they will come". This expectation is unrealistic. They often expect their readership to grow immediately and begin producing money just as quickly. This just does not happen. The other reason is that a lot of bloggers fail to have a realistic plan. The key to making money as a blogger is to have a realistic plan and sticking with it. When these expectations are not met, this disappointment often puts an end to their willingness to continue blogging. Some think that blogging is more "work" than they thought it would be. If you want to make money using blogging, you have to treat is as a business and a business requires work.

Editor's Note:
Loretta is very right when she says that you must treat blogging as a business. If you aren't willing to stick to a time commitment and blog on a regular schedule, making a business probably isn't for you. However, do keep in mind that sticking with a blog can be very, very rewarding - after all, Rob Benwell has made $1,860.11 in one day by blogging. You can do the same if you stick your heart into it and get the right tools - I highly recommend you get started on the right foot and check out Rob's website for helpful tips and tricks on how to do this.

To be a success at earning money with blogs, you will need a lot of traffic. The more traffic that comes to your blog, the more likely you are to make sales. However, obtaining the regular visitors that you need isn't easy. Because more blogs are started each and every day, there is a lot of competition. You need to keep your content fresh, unique, informative and interesting. Once people know that you have content on your blog that is updated regularly with useful information, they will return to your site. However, as mentioned above the "if I build it, they will come" approach just doesn't happen.

You also have to market your blog. You can have the most interesting and informative information there ever was put on a blog, but if you don't get visitors to your blog, who is going to read it? If you have a brick-and-mortar business, you advertise. A blog needs to be treated the same, you advertise. This is essential to make money blogging.

You need to spend time getting your blog noticed. Take some time to visit other blogs and making a comment or visit forums related to your blog and make a post. Always be helpful and informative, and be sure to add your blog address with your signature, thereby creating a link to your blog.

If you're an affiliate, try writing a review of the affiliate product you are marketing. You might find that it will get added to the products sales page if the review is honest and informative. Again, be sure to add your blog address with your signature.

It may take several months to build the traffic to make money blogging. Make a realistic plan and stick with it. To keep on track, make a daily schedule. Spend a set amount of time adding content to your blog, writing articles, visiting other blogs, visiting forums, and, if you are an affiliate, reviewing products to promote. Set a goal and when that goal is reached, set another one. Don't set unrealistic goals as this will only discourage you. Don't get discouraged, it takes time to build traffic to get the readers you want.

Earning money with blogs is a business. It takes time and patience to build a successful blog. It doesn't matter if you are a marketing genius or have the best blog on the internet, success takes time. Staying motivated and setting goals will reward you with success.

Editor's Note:
If you are truly serious about starting a blog business, write a list of financial goals you want to accomplish within the next 5 years and post it next to your computer. Look at it everytime the going gets tough - because it will. Before you get discouraged, know that Rob Benwell made $1,018.15 within 2 weeks of starting his blogs - it requires hard work, but you can have the same results or better - his Baby Blogging Bonanza package will show you exactly how. Without it, your blogging business is going in slow motion... I guarantee it.

September 13, 2006

Great Tips For Creating A Blog

Written by S. Housely. Read more on my blogging tips at:

Tips for creating a blog. There are no hard and fast rules on how to blog or how to make money blogging. Having said that, bloggers will likely increase their exposure by following some simple blog guidelines.

1.) Stay on topic. Opinions are generally accepted but the content of the items in the blog should all relate to a general theme. Unless you have an uncanny knack for wit, humor or cynicism, the majority of your readers will be interested in the content that relates to a specific defined theme or loosely defined area of interest. Most readers won't care that you eat Cheerios for breakfast. They may, however, be interested in the fact that vinegar takes out stains and that toilet paper rolls make great wreaths. Define a topic and stick to it. This will ensure that you create a loyal following of interested readers.

2.) Stay informative. If you are attempting to create the impression that you are knowledgeable about a specific industry or sector, be sure that you stay current on news. If you are endorsing a product or voicing an opinion, be sure to check your facts; your reputation is at stake. If you are offering an opinion, be sure to qualify your post, making it clear that the content is intended as an editorial.

3.) Old news is not news. While blogging every day can be a drain, it is important that the information presented is current and accurate, writing an article or blurb about something that happened 6 months ago, will not be of interest to many. Telling your audience that Martha Stewart was convicted and will be going to prison, after her sentence is completed will make people question the value of your columns. Stick to the fresh stuff and you won't have much problem when you try to make money blogging.

4.) Adhere to a schedule. Create a schedule and stick to it. Realizing that blogging requires time and effort, don't create unrealistic expectations and be unable to deliver. An occasional lapse or holiday is generally understood but readers returning to find stale, out-dated content are going to find another blog with similar content. New blogs and RSS feeds are popping up on a daily basis. If you have worked hard to develop an audience and a community you don't want to lose them due to lack of communication.

Editor's Note:
Stick to a schedule everyday and you'll build up an incredible reader base. By offering reputable content, you'll be able to make money blogging extremely easily. It's not hard, if you stick to it!

5.) Clarity and simplicity. Keep your posts and blog entries clear and easy to understand. Remember, the web is global and expressions, idioms and acronyms don't always translate. Sometimes a little explanation goes a long way.

6.) Keyword-rich. If the goal of your blog is to increase your visibility, include related keywords in the title of the blog. Use the title as a headline to attract interest. Each item post should have a title that will attract attention but still be relevant to the post. The title should be no longer than 10-12 words. Within your posts, refer to your keywords constantly: for example, with a blog such as this one, I refer to make money blogging often to draw attention to the words and for search engine traffic.

7.) Quantity matters. In order to attract the attention of search engines, you will need to develop content and substance. A headline or simple sentence is not going to generate the interest of readers or help with search engine ranking. Be sure to archive old blog posts to develop a large portal of similarly-themed content.

8.) Frequency. If your blog content is updated frequently, search engines will tend to spider the pages at regular intervals.

Editor's Note:
Rob Benwell shows you several methods to increase your search engine ranking (with most of the blogs, he gets the number one position for great keywords) - you can make money blogging by getting high search engine placement. Rob's Baby Blogging Bonanza will show you exactly how to get listed in the top 10 in the search engines by crushing your competition, and then monetizing your newfound traffic! Rob makes $1,860.11 every single day using the techniques he talks about on his website.

9.) Spell checking and proof-reading. It only takes a few extra moments and can save you from having to make embarrassing explanations. Remember that whatever you publish on the Internet can be found and archived. Think carefully about what you post before doing so.

10.) RSS. RSS will increase your blog's reach. It is important that you include your blog's content in an RSS feed to increase readership and distribution.

Most weblog audiences are small, but with time and regular updates audiences grow. Bloggers may never have more than a few hundred readers, but the people who return to regularly are generally interested in what you have to say. Get out there and make money blogging!

15 Esssential Tips To Get Traffic To Your Blog

Article by Carlos Scarpero. Carlos Scarpero is a blogger who writes about internet marketing and MLM. Visit his blog at and discover new and innovative ways to promote yourself online.

If you are involved in affiliate marketing, MLM or any business for yourself, you can make money blogging. But having a blog doesn't do you any good unless you can drive traffic to it. Here are some great ways to get more traffic to your blog:

1) Create at least four keyword posts per day. Use a service like RSS 2 Blog and create several posts at once and have them served up one at a time.

2) Submit your RSS feed to My Yahoo and Google's Reader. This will get them indexed.

3) Add relevant links to your blog and trade them with others. Relevant links give you a good search engine rating - essential to make money blogging.

4) Use ping sites like ping-o-matic. Ping your site every time you add a new post. If you are using WordPress, this is done for you automatically.

5) Submit your blog to traditional search engines such as AltaVista, and MSN.

6) Make a useful video and post it on Google Video. With webcams and digital video so cheap now, there is no excuse not to be using video.

Editor's Note:
Video Blogging, or VBlogging, is the wave of the future. There are incredible opportunities to make money blogging using videos - if you post a useful video of your topic to youtube or google video...heck, even a controversial video, then you'll receive a flood of traffic to your blog. Of course, this is one of the many things Rob Benwell talks about in his Baby Blogging Bonanza website, where he discusses how he has made $1,860.11 in one day by blogging.

7) Post a profile on social networking sites like Ryze and My Space and link back to your blog. These sites generate huge traffic and the search engines will find them and pick you up. It also gets you a nice backlink with a high page rank.

8) Submit your blog to traditional directories such as DMOZ. Directories (particularly DMOZ) increase relevance with Google. DMOZ is very picky, but what do you have to lose by trying?

9) Use software such as RSS Announcer to get your feed listed. RSS Announcer is a resale rights product, so it's very easy to find cheaply as a bonus item or on Ebay. Typically you can get it for just a couple of dollars, which will be an excellent investment - a great way to generate traffic and make money blogging.

10) Comment on other blogs and use track backs.. If there is a blog that you refer to or quote and it is highly relevant to your subject, leave a track back. It increases your link popularity and may even score a few interested readers from the linked site.

11) Go offline. Use newspaper ads, public bulletin boards, business cards, even stickers to let as many people as possible know your blog exists.

12) Add a link to your blog in your e-mail signature block.

13) Use Groups (Usenet). Find a relevant group on Google groups, Yahoo groups, MSN groups or any of the thousands of other FREE group services and find like minded people and talk with them. Make sure your use your blog URL like it is your name.

14) Use Forums. Forums are one of the best places to go for advice. Go to forums and find problems to solve. Make sure you leave your blog name, but be tactful about it; some forums get annoyed with those who selfishly drop a few links to their own site and leave. If you become credible though, this is a great way to drive traffic and make money blogging.

15) Tag your blog. Tagging is a new idea that has erupted across the web. Sites like, Technorati and many others have a social feature that allows you to place your article under keywords or "tags" that everyone interested in that tag can see.

Although these are some of the most popular ways to drive traffic to your blog, do not limit your self to tips and lists. Use your imagination and you will come up with thousands of ways to drive traffic to your blog!

Editor's Note:
Once you've generated a lot of traffic to your blog, start to make money blogging! Rob Benwell's Baby Blogging Bonanza shows you how he used simple, free blogs to generate over $1860.11 per day just by blogging...and he was a high school dropout! He also shows you how he generated a flood of traffic to his blogs using some amazing tactics. Check out his website.

September 11, 2006

Baby Blogging Bonanza

Rob Benwell's Baby Blogging Bonanza is an amazing arsenal of products that reveal how to make money blogging and using the internet, free blogs and posting in your spare time. If a high school dropout can do it, you definitely can too. His best single day so far is $1,860.11 - and that's posting in his spare time. Check it out.